Thursday, December 17, 2009

This movie is about men who hand a rough time in Sudan Africa. These men were forced to leave to different places around Africa. Some of the men went to America to find better living. when the first got to America they were confused of are American customs like the different foods and they had to find a job witch they said work here is easy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

absolute diary of a part time indian

The book absolute diary of a part time indian is about Arnold and his struggles. He is living on a reservation and he is have problems with his life like going to a different school outside of the reservation. His friends started to hate him calling him a traitor he finds a girlfriend she found out he was poor and she dumped him. he played basketball. i thought the book was alright it was funny and it told about life on the reservation.

Friday, June 12, 2009

reflect back on the school year

This year was great. I wrote a lot of poems and read a lot of books some of the books were Macbeth, House on Mango street and Monster. I had a lot of fun with the vignettes. The free reading was alright to but I liked it better when we read together. I get it more when we talk about it after. MRS. DeRaps is a great teacher she is funny, caring just an all around good person. My friend devon made it fun to he is always cracking jokes and dan who always told my about his snowmobiling rides. that's all it was a good year.

my favorite play

The best play we acted out was Macbeth. I love acting it makes me be someone I'm not. I really like acting funny characters because it makes me feel good when I make people laugh. I always tried to get to class early so I could get a good character. I like Macbeth because of its adventurous action and it was a mature book. It was mature because it included sex, violence and drugs. I know sometimes I'm not mature so it gives me a taste of the real world that's why I like Macbeth.

When we read Monster I was bored and almost fell a sleep There is no comparison Macbeth is so much it the best. That's it I like the Macbeth play.